¿What if a Planet B exists?

We love our planet in the best possible conditions, that's why we fight for a circular model where natural resources aren't comprimised by our growth demands
Clear truths and murky chocolate. There is no time to waste, we have no problem being honest and saying what needs to be said.
We seek the highest quality in everything we do, the maximum well-being of the whole, but without sacrificing our well-being. We don't overextend ourselves, we know that more is not always better.
We are a circular economy company that uses technology, psychology and systems thinking to eliminate single use plastic in takeaway food and drinks through innovation in reuse systems


Visit our database to learn about the importance of reusing. You will find reports, documentaries, books and actions that you can use in your day to day to put an end to single use items

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Discover real life stories of people and projects that are working to stop single use packaging. Get inspired by others, gives us strenghts to act

Our Manifest

And what if there is a planet B?
A planet for the chosen ones. Or better yet... for those who want to be chosen. For people committed to others, the ones you would want on your team, or in this case, on your planet. A place where you can decide whether to be a part of it or not, because you will always have the door open to return. To return and give back, because that's what it's all about, right? Giving back so others can use it and not generating waste. Like a boomerang, going and coming back.
On this planet there is no space for single-use containers, melting poles, deforestation, or a lot of problems that have made us need a planet like this. We care about the planet we live on, we love it, we enjoy it and respect it. We are not heroes, we don't posture, but we believe in a sustainable way of life.

Do you think a planet like is possible?

Love reusable packaging above all other packaging
Refuse single use
Respect and scan the QR code
Treat containers as you want to be treated
Believe in change
Come, follow us
If you're hungry or thirsty, just order
Return it
Repeat, until the end of your days
Join the movement


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The impact we want to create in society is measured in tonnes of waste prevented, to get there, we need you.
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